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I’m late but here’s my entry!! I guess this real car posing as a toy parked in a regular street of Mexico city can be called unexpected. Really interesting piece there was even a real size wood man inside…lol…a great week to you all!!!



Wow…This is a challenge that asks for a gallery. Some of the shots many will know already… Because i love the horizon and i’m always posting it… Anyways it’s a great way to wish a great week to you all… 🙂

Well…in this one i’ll not subvert or deflect…Instead i’ll bring a joyous memory on the subject…Me and my wife having a lovely brunch at the Balthazar in NYC…This basket of bread was simply unbelievable…and the day was a great one… why mornings usually brings great memories?? Probably because we are alive to see another day 🙂