Yesterday i had one of the most strange days. It started of sunday with a big allergic reaction. I had really weird spots on my arms and knees. The doctor told me to use two drugs. One was a steroid and the other Benadryl. I know that Benadryl makes me really sleepy but i kinda forgot about it. Also the doctor never mentioned i couldn’t take it with the Xanax i take every night before sleep. I woke up and went to work. I was really late because i had i terrible time trying to wake up. So far i didn’t make any connection with the drugs. I had to go far from my office in a meeting first thing in the morning. Something like 20 milles. In the middle of the way i learned i was totally sedated. Like if i was drunk thinking really slowly. I got what happened and i freaked out. Not a good idea to freak out when you are sedated. After 20 milles of nightmare i arrived at the place and i was in need of at least a couple gallons of water. That’s another side effect i afterworlds learned from the drug label. You can get really dry mouth. Awesome. I didn’t know that. Why i was totally drunk and thirsty talking to a contractor under a really hot sun??? I go back to the office but before i blow my diet for the first time in two and a half months because i had the munchies. I got a couple granola bars and i really large cheese bread and i coke. So silly! When i’m on my way i receive the last call i would like to receive in a situation like that A Conference call! I was about a work and there was a dispute. It would be my duty in this case to solve the dispute in a really political way and make things right. Wow!!! It never happened. I just talked rubbish but i confused everyone so much i was able to fix it afterwords when o got “sober”. That was more of less six hours and 3 thousand calories later. I called the doctor and he  laughed of my story. He said he never understood i was on Xanax. Thanks god i was able to fix everything “almost” and no harm was done. I got home and i thought: How do junkies and drunks get by in life for such a long time??