How amazing and complex is our life and our world full of paths and possibilities. If you could walk on my shoe you would understand why do i say that. So many memories and adventures. So many wars and tragedies. A lot happened in my eventful life and i still hopefully have a long way to go. How about your life? What would happen if i walk in your shoe? If i can see all you saw? Maybe you will answer me with some cynicism trying to convince me your life was uneventful.Was not interesting. I kinda doubt it. Those million minutes were full of ideas and dreams and good things. Probably bad things too. My point is: No matter how much of this life we do know it will never be more than a tiny sample. For the full knowledge one should have the possibility of knowing every moment of everyone’s life and much more. Everything’s life. Every lifeless event. But then we are talking about god or something like that. My point is: We can only see the world through our eyes and our experiences. How cool it would be if we could share more. If we could walk in each other’s shoes.