I will not eat more than i should (i prepared my self to do this). I will not waste time (I prepared myself to do this also). I will try to be positive all the time and use this time to help others as well (same here). I will enjoy every second of my life (i think i got it all covered). Mobile rings. When i try to answer it’s already gone. I see the sign of the message on. as i’m getting the message my phone starts ringing again. I hang up the message and answer the phone. My wife telling me i can’t forget to do a transfer for my account. Back to the computer try to check the items on the Ical. Mobile rings again. My friend the musician asks me to go shoot some scenes of him on the studio for his DVD today after 8pm. I try to get out of this but i don’t. I really like him but i’m kind of tired today. Too little sleep last night. Email. The guy that was supposed to transfer the license the car i sold to the other guy says he can’t do it in time. The guy that is buying the car on the other line. I know he is trying to say the same thing so i don’t answer him before i finish with the license guy. That’s a five minutes sample of my day today. I was all like this. When the day finished i realized that i was lucky enough to not eat too much and i tried not to waste time. I remained positive and i was still helping my friend at night. I get in the car and the traffic is really bad. I should get home in 15 mins. It’s really close. I spend 45 mins. I get home and i have to cook fast to go to the sound studio afterwords. I cook some pasta with tomatoes. I eat a moderate plate while i listen to my wife’s relates of her day. When i realize she is saying “are you eating another full plate??” I looked at my plate and it was really full a second time. I didn’t notice when i got to the pan to grab a few extra bites that i served myself again the full amount and i’m sure if she didn’t say anything i was going to eat all it without even noticing. Lesson learned: If i want to get thinner and healthier i have to make it a priority and keep it that way otherwise the million things that happens during the day will just take over. Mind over matter yes. Mind over infinite matters. No really.