Did you guys ever notice that we wait for things to go wrong usually? It’s the old story. Better safe than sorrow. I was thinking about it right now because i’m in a good phase. Diet is working and the first results for the exams where good. Work is awesome and i couldn’t ask for more. My relation with my wife is real and solid and with my parents and family is better than ever. So everything is great. So why the hell i keep waiting for something wrong to happen? Why things can’t go right without us waiting for bad news? Why such a thing like too quiet exists in our minds? Maybe we are moved by fear and without it we loose interest. Maybe we have it in our genes because of all the things men as a species had to endure to survive. Or maybe bad stuff does happens when all seams great. If we follow the gravity theory like those guys from “What the bleep do we know” we can realize bad things happens just because we flood our minds with thoughts about bad things and so they happen because we make them happen. Or fatality would lead to the idea that it just can’t be all good forever and when something bad happens just because it did we don’t wait to mention “i was all too quiet”. Anyway i can’t help but wonder about why is almost too quiet these days and hope that just the lack of noise is causing it.