Why is that some people just love to talk about other people’s lives? Some say that is because these people’s lives are empty and they need to fill it. It is for a fact one of the tools of a bourgeois society. It is a very effective kind of control that uses fear to control desire. We know how reputation is a commodity these days maybe not as huge as it was on the 60’s but it still is. The problem with this tool is that it lessens both subject and gossiper. It levels everyone but it levels on the botton and not on the top. Amazingly after all this evolution humankind hes been going through some still think that by lowering others they’ll grow themselves up.The biggest problem is that sometimes a gossip can really ruin the live of a person or a company. It happened many times. “That store is going bankrupt”. People stops making business with them and sometime later the store really get bankrupt. In this global society we live today this can be even worst. It’s happening all over is stock markets and international economy. “That bank is going down”. This statement alone can make that bank go down by itself. “Where there’s smoke there’s fire” is an old expression where i live and it is true but sometimes it seams like some comes before the fire and not the other way around.