Castration. The removal of the testicles to stop the possibility of breeding. It does a lot to the castrated. As the testicles produce testosterone and the lack of it can change a lot the behavior and personality of an animal the same will be changed forever. Lowering the level of testosterone can lower the sexual desire or libido. It can lower all kinds of desire and if you look it up on the wikipedia you will find that even financial decisions are affected by the level of testosterone you have in your body. In other words desire moves men and testosterone moves desire. What about heroes and bad guys? There are many kinds of castration. Is also proved one can be psychologically castrated by repression and other male’s dominance (i’m talking about parents). In other words you father can make you a castrated person. Now the funny thing is that the first idea about a castrated is cowardice but i see different. What i see is that people that have no balls don’t have desire. Don’t have ambition. Don’t have the drive to take and to earn and to gain. Usually they do more for others than they do for themselves. They are not coward but they fear and we know there are two drives that moves men. Fear and desire. The one that don’t desire can only fear or have no drive at all. Now maybe you guy know that fear is the main ingredient to build heroes. Heroes are those who are moves towards danger and that’s a deep connection. Surpassing fear can be addictive. These people do a lot for others because they are in the game for the adrenaline and not for the earnings. there’s no desire. In other hand people with too much testosterone are agressive and usually believe they deserve everything the word have to give them. They are moved by desire. Those are not passionate towards fear. They jump obstacles to gain and to earn sometimes forgetting morals and ethics. Those are the bad guys. So what’s my point? I’m not actually talking just about hormones here even because it’s not just about testosterone. This hormone is on aspect to be considered. I’m talking about Too much or too little. Both are wrong. A hero is as wrong as a bad guy. What one have too much the other lacks and both are not good for society. As usual balance is the best deal and heros and villains are good in bedtime stories only.