So many things so little time. I’m not sure why but that keeps happening to me. I don’t know if i take too many jobs or if things are just fast and ethereal. In the end it’s always like if i haven’t done anything at all. I know sometimes we should lower our pace and enjoy the moment and i do that whenever i can. I know how to say no to things also but it feels like there’s never time enough to make it in the proper way with the proper amount of time. Time is a commodity i don’t have enough and maybe nobody does have enough. Is it possible that if everyone is going too fast and doing too much it’s just a matter of adjustment? Yes. Maybe if we all and i mean all start doing just half things will stay just the same. I produce so much video content for people to watch a don’t have time to workout or eating out more for an example. The guy that owns the gym works so much he doesn’t have time to watch the content i produce. The same happens with the guy from the restaurant i don’t have time to go to. So who told us to run so much? Why do we need to do so much? More than we can consume. Maybe it’s something that we inherited from the money system. Maybe we are working other people’s shares. The fact is that we don’t have time to enjoy the earnings of our activities. The only thing we can do with this earnings and with no extra time is to buy stuff. Many times stuff we don’t need. It’s just a way to justify more jobs and more needs for more earnings. Wow…everything is so fast!!! Will it get faster?