It’s been i while since i wrote a list. As i love music but don’t talk much about it i think a basic list with the songs that played in my life’s playlist would be nice. A 10 songs list. I’ll only talk about music in english. First because you guys wouldn’t know much of brasilian music outside Bossa Nova. Also because in Brasil the influence of the US in the musical scene is massive. Today is not that much but when i grew up there was mostly music in english on the radio. It was really rare to find music in portuguese. So here it goes. Sorry because it will be a cheese list. The ten most…but later on i can start to play around and get to more interesting stuff:


1: I can’t take my eyes off you: Boys town gang (it was my first dance in the beginning of the 80’s)

2: Bizarre Love triangle: New order (the 80’s were full of new order’s songs)

3: Back in Black: ACDC (i was such a big fan of the band i went to rock’n rio to watch them when i was 12 i guess)

4: Your song: Billy Paul (this version of the Elton John’s classic played a lot on my love life)

5: I feel love: Donna Summer (I was very young but i remember listening to it and feeling the energy of the electronic music from Brian Eno)

6: New Year’s day: U2 (i started a band on the day i heard it)

7: Marianne: Tori amos (since i heard her i’ve became a fan)

8: The heat of the moment: Asia (i was always a big fan from progressive rock and those guys were gods)

9: Bohemian Rhapsody: Queen (this had to be in here… it’s just too good)

10: When you were young: The Killers (at least a new one)


Damn!!! It’s i m p o s s i b le to make a list of 10 songs even if…well…impossible…but i tried…i’ll write many more of those…

i’d love to know about some songs you guys had in your life’s playlist… Cheers!!