“Save Ricardo Costa” is the thing i see the most in my Facebook. The story of this guy is getting really uncomfortable for the diplomatic relations between United States and Brasil. In case you guys never heard about it Ricardo Costa is a Brasilian living in the US as a reagular citizen with a green card and is waiting for more than two years and a half to be judged by the state of  Arizona for sexual abuse of this children. The accuser is his ex wife and her proof is the testemony of the kids prepaired by a psychiatrist. The first weird thing is the value of the bail: 75 million dollars. Strauss-Kahn’s bail which was the lasgest in the story of NY was set in 6 millions. If the guy really molested his kids it was deserved but there’s where the biggest problem appears. The psychiatrist that prepaired the kids lost his license because fraud was proven in two very similar cases where a ex wife/husband paid this professional to prepare the kids to lie. So two americans were free from the same charges. I letter was shown in TV here here the State of Arizona offers freedom for the guy in exchange of his confession. In this case he would have his greencard taken and would never be able to see his kids again so he refused to sign it. They don’t want to put him on trial because there is no evidences and it seams that friends and neighbours would all testemony in his favor. That leaves the judge who set that bail in a bad position. If you want you can read the story on the web. Just google it. Here’s one example: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110603/ap_on_re_us/us_high_bail_arizona . It’s all very sad but what made me really amazed was a the number of answers in favor of the bail. Most people comment on blogs things like: “A brasilian man accused of child molesting? It should be more money…” I’m sorry but i see racism there and i don’t understand why because US is like Brasil. Populated by Europeans. We may be in South America but that is an excuse to leave a guy with no trial to rot in jail like he was in some Congo prison? I’m kinda affraid to go to the US right now 😦