It’s common knowledge that there are three versions of yourself and mostly anything in this universe, but let’s focus on yourself. The first version is the one you create. What you think about yourself! The second version is the one others create. It can have infinite variations of it and if you could sum all these informations into a singular version that would be it. What others think about you! The third version as you can imagine is what you really are! That one is not a sum of first and second versions  therefore will never be know either by you or others. So what should you do? Follow your guts? Listen to others? Do both things? Surely that depends on what are you looking for. Do you want to be understood by others? Do you want to print your mark? Do you want to find your soul? Looks like we can see now the difference between these three versions. The one you create will lead you to a strong journey inside of your self but will not help others to interact with it. The one others create belongs to them and you have no control over it. It can be risky to use it as the stronger voice on your judgement. But the important thing is that seems like the first is the one with the big ego. The second with the small ego. Finally the third is the one with no ego at all. One would need to have no ego to understand the truth about one’s self. That sounds like nirvana. That’s what monks try to achieve by meditating their whole lives. What’s the importance of this? None if questions don’t crowd your mind all the time. To lower your ego is the only way to quiet your mind and sometimes that can be lifesaving. In other hand it’s impossible to accomplish big things by lowering your ego. If Van Gogh didn’t have a big ego and listened to other more we would not have his paintings. Only a happier Van Gogh that would live doing things regular people do. By the way regular people usually tends to listen a lot to others and are very preoccupied in sculpting them selves in a way it fits our society better. So who’s right? Are you what you think of yourself, are you what others think? One thing for sure: If you know who you really are you are not from this world for sure.