Summer is coming soon to the fastest city in the world and with it my desire to get there and enjoy all the things i love about that city. This year is kind of hard to leave work for a week which would be perfect but i’ll try very hard. I’m already dreaming about brunch at Balthazar. Those eggs Meurette and the caramel crunchy rolls and the bellinis. Soon Shakespeare in the park will be playing in the Delacorte Theater just in the middle of central park with all the trees around the arena. I was really happy there watching Al Pacino playing the merchant of venice and Anne Hathaway playing Twelfth Night. Nowhere else in the world you can have such a great performance for free. There are many things that i love about that city and most of them are really cheap. It’s much more fun to go to the open rehearsals of the New York Philharmonic in the morning just wearing your regular jeans and enjoying hours of music and listening to the directions of the maestro than to attend the concert itself at night. I am able to walk for hours in the streets because there’s always something intresting to see. A weird shop that just sells stuffed animals or a fortune teller or a store that just sells hats. Than we have the motropolitan and the MOMA and the Guggenheim and the Whitney and all those galleries. There’s art all over the place. New York is great all year long but i prefer the summer. You can stay out all day long and in june is not really hot as in july. There are open air movies screenings at Bryant Park where you can watch a classic and have a picnic. After that if you want to continue you can go to the New York Public Library which is an awesome building with a lot of great stuff to read. Grab a burger at the PJ Clarke’s closest to you and go watch an off brodway show. By the way there are always great concerts. Last year i saw Sarah Mclachlan and Norah Jones also for free at the park. In the weekends we can walk all around soho and maybe have some vietnamese food afterwords. It’s all so amazing i’m just dreaming of it all. Let’s see if i can put the tab in my credit card and lie to someone in the office. I really deserve it… I think we all do.