My mom used to say: “In the end everything will be allright. If it’s not allright it’s because it’s not the end.” I always believed in this saying and it always worked out for me. I guess that’s because there’s no way to be wrong about it. I can take a while but everything gets resolved for the better or worst. If it is for the worst time heals all the wounds and even if you die in the process that will be the end of it therefore you will have closure. You will have an ending. So the point is that things are not supposed to be great. If they are already great they are ready to fade. Things are supposed to be shaped by problems and solutions. We mold situations to our better understanding. We fix the world everyday and we also ruin it everyday. That’s because we mold it to our needs and we are not all the same. So when is allright for us it may be really bad for others. This dynamics contructs history and they are so important to our culture that we should pay more attention. Some people are never allright and they use too much in the process of getting what they want. So they make many miserable in order to evolve. That’s why is so hard to find a happy ending for people with no food or no shelter. For those only death will make it allright. How to solve this? I have no answer because to make it allright for them someone will have to be less righ and i guess that will not be allright for them.