Ok… Let’s try a list again. Last time it was fun so i hope you all give me some comments about your own fears:

1 To wait too long in a restaurant for someone. Double for a real No show.

2 To pass by that neighbour that always stops you and speaks for hours when you are really late.

3 To receive a phone call from the office friday when you are just arriving home for the weekend.

4 To look at the sole of you shoe after a moist and soft “ups, i’m smashing something” sensation.

5 When you go get a pizza in the elevator on your underware and it stops at another floor first.

6 When the lady in the market says you card didn’t go through and she needs to call visa.

7 To hit send email with a mean comment about your boss and learn it was adressed to “everyone”.

8 To go to sleep before my date and fart sleeping. (that was before i got married of course)

9 To receive a visit from your mother-in-law.

10 To learn you mother-in-law has decided to stay for the week.

Well folks… I’m waiting on your fears now 🙂

Happy friday!