Today i received the visit of an inspector. Usually that’s not a problem but sometimes you get one if these folks that are interested to do some quick cash no matter what. I can swear to you that i told the guy: “My things in the company are all in order” and he replied “it’s doesn’t matter. I can find i flaw somewhere” and for him not to look at a possible flaw it would cost some cash. I got really upset and i was wondering what i could do to solve this problem. What i realized is that the guilty one is the government. Too bureaucratic. There are so many little changes in laws everyday in all kinds of sectors and it’s impossible for the regular user to follow all this. So what can i do in a case like this? Or i pay the guy or i hire an attourney and decide to go against him in the court of law. It’s not that i’m a saint but i really decided to go the hard way and tomorrow i have an interview with the lawyer. I can’t accept that we have no say in these matters and whe should play the game as it is without questioning. The system is corrupt and there’s too many people taking money from the productive sector. It’s a bubble like all these bubbles that are exploding and soon it has to explode too. I’m not even talking about the moral issue here. I heard stories like this in many countries and i know this one is not specific from Brasil. I’m taking about the complexity of things in a society like ours and how easy it is for a person to feel like the inside of a Kafkian book like “The process”