It’s impossible to be sure. Just impossible. We have no control over the possibilities of being betraid in life. Impossible. If you decide to control something you will learn it’s a full time job. Yesterday i had i problem with an employ i have for ten years now. I’m not sure yet and maybe i’ll never be sure but i think he have been stealing from the company for a long time. It’s something so impressive how something like that can shake your faith. Trust makes a lot of issues magically solved and when you trust someone it’s like having an extention of yourself that you can leave somewhere and you know it will function as you would at least in the matter of transparency. So you feel like you lost everything. What seamed to be solid now is totally made of air and you have to start building that house from the first brick. First you gotta be able to trust again and until then you’ll have to do everything yourself or you’ll be haunted by doubt. If you learn how to trust again you start a relation built upon trust. That takes a long time so it’s really hard to rebuilt trust. Because trust in an illusion. People can only see the world through their own minds so it’s impossible to predict what is enough for other and what is wrong for others and what is important for others. I know that guy really likes me but he was stealing anyway. Why? i’ll never know for sure.