There’s this old story that maybe some of you already know and it goes like this:

Joe was in need of a hammer to finish a job in his garage so he rememberer Jack had a hammer. Jack used to be Joe’s neighbour but he was forced to move. He was still in the area only twelve blocks away so it was possible to walk there. Those were the first things in Joe’s mind “Why did Jack had to move??”. But as he needed the tool he decided to go to Jack’s house. As the way as a little long many things passed by Joe’s mind. “Jack is such a nice fellow. He always helps me in situations like these” and “But why wouldn’t he??? I always did the same for him” He was already three blocks away from his house and nine from Jack’s. “But what if he is not Home???” and ” What if he is using the hammer and can’t give it to me??”. Six more blocks to go. ” Maybe if i explain the fact that today is the only day available i have to finish this” and ” Would he be so selfish???” and “What would he be doing that is so important anyway???” Two more blocks to go ” I gotta have that hammer” and ” He doesn’t have the right to denie me. It’s important”. Finally he arrived to Jack’s house. He rang the bell and after a minute Jack opened the door surprised to meet his old neighbour. For a coincidence he had the hammer in his hands as he was probably doing some work at the house. Joe closed his right fist and gave Jack a hupe punch in the face turning back and going all the way back home saying no word. Jack never understood what really happened but maybe Joe discovered Jack was see Joe’s wife in private.

As a teacher used to say to tle classroom:

“Expectation is the mother of all crap”