Usually i get scared with the topics from the daily post but this time i decided to give it a try. My name. They gave the idea to talk about the reason o got my name. Giuliano is an italian name and as i’m Brasilian i heard my name spelled wrong ninety five percent of my life. Usually the say or write Juliano. Sometimes Guiliano. Either way it’s pretty annoying. I guess the first idea that comes into mind is the decendence. I’m three quarters italian and a quarter libanez. The italian part has something of english as well but i guess that has nothing to do with it. So i asked my mother and what see told me was not expected. I was named after a famous film actor named Giuliano Gemma. That got me really angry because it was one of my nicknames in school. I mean those nicknames you don’t enjoy having. Gemma is an italian last name but it sounds like “gema” which is the portuguese for egg yolk. So as i was a little fat and the school uniform had yellow in it kids would love to call me yolk. It could be worst. There was also Salvatore Giuliano. A famous sicilian Kind of Hobin Hood but from the Mafia. Today i realise that it was not about either of those. There’s a cultural thing in name giving. It’s has to do with all the cultural context. That’s why we have a lot of similar names in people with the same age. I was born in the end of the sixties and italian movies and musics were really hot in Brasil at that time. My parents probably danced many times over Peppino Di Capri songs. I lot of people my age have italian names. I don’t see those in little kids. Now the interesting thing is that i’m talking about Brasil. A country with people from the whole world. Maybe in countries where there’s not as much cultural exchange the names don’t work in a fashion way. But that you gotta tell me.