It’s interesting how the ritual of going to the pub and having a couple beers with friends is universal. Everyone in any city can identify with that. It’s that time where you can say things to other adults that you can’t in the work environment and you are distant enough from your home to feel careless at least for a couple hours. I’m not saying that i feel uncomfortable at home or that i prefer the pub but i guess it’s a kind of safe spot. It’s really the only place where men can gossip and women can drink as equals with no judgement. It’s where we can release the stress from that day’s work. Some can get carried away and will probably leave at last with too many drinks on it’s blood. Some will show up only to not be forgotten because you can strength your relations much better when there’s beer around. Your drinking pal is always one step closer to help you and to understand you in a problem or difficult situation. It’s like a special society. That’s why you gotta take care with the people you go out with. Many secrets are shared and some with regret afterwords. Some situations are created and can’t be dissolved. We can learn about character and we understand our colleagues much easier. “In Vino Veritas”.