After 72 hours without almost no speed due to many things happening together i just laid in my bed after a great shower and started reading my posts. I’m not sleepy yet because of the adrenaline probably engaged by stress so now i again will start a process to cool down. That can be really healthy and it makes me wonder how common it is to be like that now a days. We life in rushes of stress separated by a couple healing days. It’s always like that. When you are in the middle of something really important it seams you forget about the planet and the bills and the meal and so on. You even forget to go to the bathroom sometimes. It’s amazing how strong our bodies are and that’s why we stop feeling the need for these thing but we gotta know we need to stop. The funny thing is that when we do stop it seams our body tries to collect our dues to it. When i’m in the middle of action i can get rain and cold weather and stay with no food and nothing wrong happens but when it end and i get to rest i get sick. Sometimes a cold or things like that. The most amazing is that the mind suffers in the same way. I can deal calmly and attempt in big stress situations but when it ends and i get home i get depressed. It’s very hard to wake up in the next day. A lot of people on filmmaking complain about this. It’s the lack of routine and this ups and downs that simulate a kind of bipolar behavior that reflects in out actual state of mind. Funny how the body works. It’s so perfect we usually overuse it.