Tomorrow i’m shooting a music video. Something i don’t do for a long time. I’m not sure if it’s because of MTV’s change in style but since more talk shows and morning shows and less music videos shaped today’s MTV the music vídeos got less and less room in people’s lives. Actually i think it only existed as big as it was on the 80’s and 90’s because of MTV and record companies marketing strategies. It’s a nice way to sell records. For me it’s awesome because it’s a place were a director can try many different styles and techniques but as part of the audience i think music videos as we knew are going to happen less and less. With internet we have much more choices and so do musicians. Fans are not millions anymore. Sometimes thousands are enough. So the images that follows these musics are more and more personal and the audience really enjoy it. Proximity with their favorite musician is important. No more giant meaningless videos with millions to spend in effects. Of course some Gagas and Spears will keep making some of those but it’s less and less common. The Music video i’m doing tomorrow is closer to this new time. It’s a party in an apartment. A birthday party with lots of fun. This is the way things are now. Small equipments and crew and more intimacy. That’s the new face of music videos and i like it!

PS: i leave you guys with a duo that startet in the internet era…they are amazing…
Ladies and gentlemen….”Pomplamoose”