I was reading another research showing the society’s degree of cleanliness is getting too high and deseases that never existed are becoming more and more normal as we get cleaner. I’m really in for the cleaning concept specially showers. I can’t go to sleep without it but it seams some bacteria we had before prevented our own body to produce deseases. Some of these deseases created by our own immune system. Not only in the medical field but in general life i believe everything need it’s own balance and in this really tech world we live today it’s getting more and more difficult to get our hands dirty. Some people give me the impression of not having contact with dirty in a while. Some people even give me the impression that sex can be too messy for them. The important thing is that life is messy and our bodies are really dirty things. There are many disgusting stuff we generate inside our bodies. What is really clean is death. Where there’s no life everything is aseptic. No germs which are also living things. So it bothers me to see i kid that never played outside. These modern kids raised by computers. It’s sad to learn they never saw an earthworm in their lives. It makes me wonder if the more you get away from dirt the more you get away from life.