Today is my wife’s birthday and i went out with her to dine in a really fancy and nice place. While i had my dinner i wondered why we don’t do it that often anymore. When we were dating we would go out at least twice a week. Now it’s twice a month if that much and mostly in less fancy spots. Of course there is the money issue. You get tired of paying big bucks to have dinner. But the reason is not that really. Maybe it’s not even only the fact that these days talking about food is prohibited and everything we do is counting calories and starting new diets. So dining out means a nice salad and not ny italian duck ragu with tagliolini and her capellini with shrimp and tomatoes and butter and sicilian lemon. Not the great wine and dessert. Not at all. The thing is: How horrible is the fact that eating always comes with consequences? It makes us fat and less healthy. And it is so horrible because eating is besides sex the best thing in the world. Why can’t it be healthy? Why can’t it be like when we were kids. I remember waiting for the great parties my grandma used to give where she would cook the best italian food in the hole world. We would wait like it was christmas and we would sneak into the kitchen before it was ready always with excuses like offering help to be able to try the ragu before lunch. So many memories are related to this moment of gathering around the table. And trips! How can someone enjoy other cultures if not by trying what their cuisine has to offer? Impossible. So why? Why why why why is it soooo hard. We should be able to eat as much as we wanted and mostly eating without thinking about the consequences so we don’t loose the appetite even before ordering.