It’s time to take over. To decide who’s in ans who’s out. It’s amazing how we can let our lives and also other people confuse us and decide for us important issues and how passive we can get into our own skin. Ok to be passive about some issues that don’t belong to us but we do it to our selves. Let’s take our butts from the chair and start walking on the path and please don’t try to abduct us with your emergencies and problems. We will not make those our problems. Instead we will take the time to enjoy our lives. To please ourselves with calmness and tranquility. Don’t even try to put a leash on our horses. They are mad and you will really get hurt in the process. That’s a friendly advice so later on don’t blame us. We are the people who got tired to be fooled by games and dramas and other people taking advantage of our kindness. We are really selfish and we are proud of it. We are determined and still we are very good people. We will use our spare energy to help those who need help and not those who ask for it. That way we will be more happy and more helpful at the same time. So please do not insist and take your crap somewhere else. (Now all you have to do is put this into a t-shirt. It will make your life better)