Today i was pending some time with my father. He has already seventy and he was talking about how long he would still live. Maybe more twenty years. I asked if it was enough and he say it was because after a certain age is not really good to be alive when you can’t have quality of life. He is exactly on this edge. His health is perfect and he is more active than me but the next decade may change that a lot. So i told him that probably that was time enough not only because of loss in life quality but also because it can get boring. At his age he says he learned all that is to learn and the tricks are getting repetitive. In many situations he mentions that. So if he was supposed to live for two hundred years for an example. He would probably get really tired of doing the same things over and over. Am i right? Is what we have more than enough or i’m just too young to judge? I know to me it’s not near enough but i can understand that someday it can get really repetitive and one can get tired of live. That can only mean one thing. If there’s a life after this either our mind works in a very different way in any or it can be only hell. Even the better thing in life if we repeat too many times it ends up becoming really annoying. That’s something to think about when wondering about “eternity”.