I really have no regrets from the way i lived but taking better care of my body. Now at my 40’s i’m starting to learn it’s not infinitely renewable. Even so i don’t know if just me but i sometimes have this crazy wish of going back in time. Not as a time traveler seeking other ages but just going back to a younger age. And not just going but carrying the mind a have now with me. As if tomorrow i would wake up with the same mind and memories but twenty five years ago at my sixteen. To be able to do the stuff i love with much more time in my hands than the time i have now. As we get older we get better at most things. Why don’t our bodies just don’t follow the same path? Like Benjamin Button but not exactly because he was a kind of a freak. I would be better if everybody was like him…We would be old and dumb and we would grow up to be very wise and young. We would be able to enjoy the things we learn buch better. In a way what we have is pretty right. It’s much more balanced but i really can argue with that. The moment we will be more experienced in our lives is the moment before our deaths. What good does that do if the years before that were the weaker and more unhealthy years of our lives? Wouldn’t it be better to be weak and dumb and then be strong and smart?? Maybe it’s just me but i would love to go back in time as i grow old and die as healthy as a baby and intelligent as an elder genious.