Calm down. I’m pro it. I just heard from a friend that he got in trouble in his marriage because he was caught cheating and he engaged in a big discussion with me about how it’s instinctive and biological for man to have more than one lover as many other animals do. I know you will say as many already said that man are not supposed to behave as other animals and we do have the same amount of males and females in the world so no reason to think like bovine breeders. lol. But you will also agree that many still think that way. The difference now is that they know is not ok anymore to say it out loud. Do really man have different needs than women? Some guys say when a woman is satisfied she need no other. If she’s not satisfied she will change her partner. Guys on other hand can cheat without loosing the interest in their partners?? It’s a really weird subject for me because i’m maybe even lazy. I would never have the trouble of engaging with someone else when i’m still with my wife. It’s pointless and i’m not being cynical here. So i don’t get it but still it’s happening all around me. Is my sexual drive “discreet” and man are like animals or that’s a lame excuse for cheating? Are women like animal too?? Do they need to have more than one partner at the same time? I don’t know the truth about this. I know we are animals but we are intelligent enough to understand commitments we make and it doesn’t matter what the instinct says if you make a promisse and you expect the other person not to break it you also should not break it. Many things separate us from other animals and one is the full understanding of agreements and such. Other is that bovines doesn’t have lawyers.