I was thinking about starting these lists. Sometimes i love to read them but they don’t seam really hard to do until you try it. Just the theme was enough to make me come up with this one. I guess making lists it’s a gift not all of us humans do have and maybe that’s why “High Fidelity” has so many fans and not just because of John Cusack. Well… at last i ended up with a subject so lets try but if i do this i hope at least some of you give me ideas of answers you would write in here if that was your list:

10: Trying to write a 10’s list when that’s not your thing.
9: Witnessing all lines in the market being served when yours just won’t move.
8: Getting into an elevator that was just infected by a terrible fart .
7: Being silently accused by the person that gets into the elevator two floors after you.
6: Learning your friend just ate that slice of pizza you left there for the next morning.
5: Trying to fly from Chicago in a bad weather day.
4: Being confused with your girlfriend’s ex by her mom.
3: Dropping your new iphone on the pond when trying to answer your mom’s eleventh call of the morning.
2: Learning your luggage is in Bhutan and you are in Rio de Janeiro.
1: Try to drive in a city like mine.

There you go… now i’m waiting on your ways guys….