Its amazing how your imagination can run with you or against you. Is amazing that our imagination is something that lives inside our bodies but differently from any other part of our bodies we can’t have control over it. We can teach our legs to walk again even sometimes after long periods without even standing still but we can’t teach our brains to calm down when we are insecure or we can’t teach our mind how to proceed in situations of danger like an assalt or a combat in war. That’s why different people act differently and some are considered heroes and others cowards. The art of controlling the mind is very old but not widely used maybe because it’s really demanding in terms of discipline and perseverance. Yet those are the characteristics of the healthy mind. We learned to give more importance to “emergencies” and less to ourselves and so we took the space we needed to be disciplined and filled that space with these so called “emergencies”. The problem today is that the emergencies are becoming more and more frequent. Sometimes we can’t pick up our kids at school because some client asked for some “emergency” meeting that turns out being some group incentive program developed by some guru which helps workers to have more focus on their jobs! No emergency at all. At least not for us. By the way that’s an important issue: What is an emergency and for who it is an emergency? Maybe to your boss to show his crew is sharp as a bunch of Ninjas but certainly not for your kid that had to get a ride home with a very annoying girl from school. This way we kill little by little our power of control over our lives and our health. We can’t go to the doctor because we have too much to do. We can’t have lunch because we work too much and we can’t workout because there’s no time left. In this same fashion we loose control of our minds. Depression and anxiety attacks. Paranoia and all kinds of phobias. We lost the time and the discipline needed to keep our minds healthy and stuffed it with stress and anxiety. With endless meaningless information from all kinds of media. That’s how the system keeps our minds occupied because a mind that has discipline and is well controlled is harder to conquer.