It’s not that i don’t like it. As a good Brasilian i have the impression that only people with criminal tendencies are interested in offices at the government. It’s a giant trap not enjoying politics because as they say “people who doesn’t like politicians are ruled by politicians they don’t like”. It’s a big truth. I feel the same way in the condo i live. Nobody wants to participate of the board but everyone complains about it’s actions. So i get it it’s my fault but there’s no point in participating in a system you have no power to change. Corruption in the government is as old as government and so is power. The room left for those who are interested in helping others is too small and they have no strength to control their space the way they want. Sooner or later either you becomes part of corruption or you become a victim of this lobby industry. Many ended up being accused and if they were the criminals and others even disappeared. In other words if you are not corrupt don’t get close to politics. In other words if you want to help people go work at a NGO. Do it as a regular citizen. For all these reasons i gotta say i don’t believe in politics and also in economics which is not a science but a conduct guide that works in favor of governments. It’s not a thing but an idea that everyone bought. I can say i believe in anarchism. I believe that private companies can do a better job than the government because they live by the rules of the market. They have competition and they are constantly rated. Of course there are a few things that are national security and the government should take care of it but those are minor compared to the amount of stuff controlled by the state. including the economy and also the currency. There’s no scape for the individual but to spend almost half of his productive life working to pay taxes. it makes me remember those scenes in movies like Robin Hood where the king’s collectors would invade old folk’s houses and take all food as taxation in the name of the crown and these old folks would starve to death if Robin didn’t show up to save the day. The problem in my case is that i never met Robin Hood and nobody can help me when i pay my taxes.