Today i’ll talk a little about my self just to change a bit. It’s 22:40 and i just arrived home after a great shooting for a cereal. Kids skating in a beautiful plaza with a lot of action. The light was awesome and the sky perfect until 14:00. It started to rain and it didn’t just rain. I was i big flood. We hade more than two hundred people in this shooting and to evacuate this place was an ordeal. Chaos and people running for shelter all over. Even so i think i have the film and the client was very happy. The most interesting things about shootings is the unexpected like a couple bums that decided to take a bath in the fountain we were using as a background or the preacher right next to us that was using aerobic workout in his open air mass. I bet really busy in the set so i just have a few seconds to register these events. If i had extra time i would surely go to other directors shootings just to watch and have fun and take some pictures. For that i gotta tell everyone: there is nothing better than doing what you love and i love to film. Theres no better day than a day on the set. To all my friend of wordpress a great week and tomorrow i’ll go back to my regular kind of post. I leave you with a pict from the beginning of the day.