Are you free? Ever was? How much freedom is enough? I know it sounds like an easy one and the more freedom you have the better but i’m inclined to disagree on that. I met i guy sometime ago that made me think about it. He was a representative for the homeless in the government and he was a homeless his hole life. Not actually a homeless because homeless people usually are living in the city on the streets. He walked. Thousands of miles by foot. He was not a pilgrim also because he didn’t believe in god and wasn’t going nowhere specific. He was a walker. Not more than that. His passion was taking the road going nowhere with no attachments at all.When i met him he was living in a house for four years and it was driving him crazy. He met a woman and found loved and had a child. After i while he decided the road was too dangerous for them and became a homeless in my city. He is a very intelligent guy so after a while he started defending his class. His party decided he should have a house and he accepted as being a place for his family. Beautiful ending? Not a all. Not even an ending. The was feeling imprisoned inside a house and he was getting prepared to leave his family. For him the house was a lot and he would leave for the wife and child. He paid his dues and it was time to go back to the road. I really tried to understand what was his passion about it and what i learned is that he couldn’t compromise with anything. His heaven is the road with no beginning and no end. People would always give him food on his way and he was used to sleep under the stars. Somehow his story made me sad because of his wife and kid. Not because of him. He told me many cruel things that happened with him on the road and all i could see is that it was his choice. When he had different he just was not interested. He is the person with more freedom that i ever met. Freedom from society, family, money, politics, food, shelter, clothing, you name it. What i understood from him is that love requires commitment. Sharing requires commitment. Family requires commitment. Those are all prisons in that guy’s opinion. His house is a prison. Yet i don’t envy his choices and i can say he is not courageous. He is a coward. Balance in important in everything. Even in Freedom. We do need limits. We do need rules. Many researches proves that kids with no limits are not happier. On the contrary. Of course i’m not talking about being locked down or anything like that but freedom have it’s price and it’s limits. It’s important for us to understand how much is healthy and needed and when it is too much.