I’m preparing myself for a quick trip to Mexico. I’m leaving tonight and i’ll come back on sunday. As i have never been to Mexico City or any other real mexican city (i’ve been to Cancun but that doesn’t count) and i always loved mexican food i am wondering what am i going to do with my diet. It’s a shame to loose the opportunity to eat something you love in the place they do it for real but in other hand is also a shame to break a routine that so far is successful for a change. Sometimes people take this weight problem for granted and it’s a really serious one. In my case for an example i have a severe hepatic steatosis or “very fatty liver” and my diet is not a esthetic one at this point but a remedy for this condition. How did i came to this? its a long process. Any person who was ever fat suffered a long process. Usually fat people say they have some kind of metabolism problem. That’s a lie and it’s not. It’s a lie because the real metabolic problems as hypothyroidism and other appears in four percent of the fat population. In other hand the effect that diets and other fast weight loss techniques that are not permanent causes to our bodies makes the obese person more inclined to gain weight. For each diet failure a bigger percentage of getting fatter. If you try to guess how many diets a person like my self that was obese for a long part of my life you would hardly get close. For sure i already lost and gained more than a ton. That’s ten times my hole weight so these days i have to eat better than other people to peek my weight. Other important point in this “metabolic problem” it the notion of failure and the consequences of it. If you try to run one mile and you do it on the next day you will know you can run one mile. If you don’t you can try again to overcome your failure. Maybe you do it and maybe you don’t. If you loose it again the third try will be a little harder because it’s already becoming an issue. Imagine how is your confidence in not running one mile after you try it and fail every monday during your entire life. If you are 40 and you started trying to loose weight at 10 that will be 1480 mondays and after that much repetition your body knows very well how to behave. If we add a low self esteem issue fat people develops during their lives you can imagine the sum of these three ingredients.There you have it. Fat people truly have all the excuses in the world to stay fat. Lets live fat and happy and forget about our dammed scales. But there’s a problem. Our health. Food kills after some time as alcohol and other drugs. Fatty liver is just one of the many consequences fat people are facing along with diabetes, heart issues and more. That makes me really worried about food advertising and distribution. I think it really should be controlled as alcohol and cigarettes because for all the reasons i mentioned obesity starts it’s damages in childhood and parents really need education and tools to fight this problem early in kids lives. Otherwise fat people will still be the outcasts that have no self esteem and will enough to assume their responsibilities and their dark fate.