In many old societies all over history we find these families called “normal” in the sixties which are composed by a heterosexual couple and their children. In some of those societies men would work to support this familiar cell. In other as some brasilian indians women would do most work and men would rest.In most cases children would start working on a certain age. Today’s society is changing the model and families are inserting almost all its member on the working class one way or the other. The excuses are many. The capitalist industry “arranged” for women to liberate them selves and search for equal working rights. The also are arranging for kids to get very early into their carriers. For that they induced these kids with videogames which made them smarter computerwise. Soon they were trained to produce better programming at fourteen years old than adults would be able to. I know senior programmers with nineteen. Senior means they are already at the top of their carrier. That worked all along the internet age. Let’s not forget about the old folks that are learning how to keep a more healthy and productive life even after their 80’s. As the industry sells us the idea we need more stuff to be happy it also prepare the society to the increase of productivity needs designed for us. It’s the capitalist model and i’m not questioning if it’s right or wrong. It is here and that’s a fact. What is important is to learn that we have these choices we can make and all that is not mandatory. we gotta understand what do we really need and what is eating up our lives. If we managed after all to have all those family members on the market working and making money lets remember that can help us to stress less with bills and other money issues and help us building a life with more quality. We need to ponder every once in a while about these priorities because the industry is very competent in finding us new things we can’t live without. We should question a little bit every new gadget that we put into our lives and evaluate the necessity of it. The extra car and the extra clothes are no always more important than a couple more hours with our family or time to take care of ourselves. Mathematically it’s impossible to accept that with all these extra hands we are still doing the same amount of wealth. Of course that is also planned by capitalist industries and they find ways to spread the same amount of money they always did but among much more people. That’s part of the idea but let’s not forget they need to sell us more stuff to keep this engine growing. So the idea is to step away from the statistics and try to organize our incomes in a different way average society behaves. That will give us a break from this system and an opportunity to use our resources more wisely and closer to our real desires.