You can tell me anything but you will not convince me beauty is no factor for success in our society. I’m not talking about people that uses their own beauty as an instrument as a model or a TV host. I’m talking about the small events in everyday life. Those really unfair and annoying events. If you put two girls with two broken cars. The pretty one will get help first and that’s a fact. Beautiful people get better jobs easier. They also get the reaction to this. I heard many times in my life complains from beautiful women about prejudice they receive on the job. I had an assistant that was really pretty and she lost her job because the old boss wife coudn’t accept her next to her husband. The movie “Malena” From Giuseppe Tornatore shows that reality in a very moving way. I recommend the filme bor those who didn’t have the chance yet. The fact is that our society didn’t learn to deal with this matter in a more civilized way than any other animal. Beauty calls for a very basic animal knowledge: The ability to choose a breeder. Any animal will look for certain qualities in a matte so the descendants will be born with health and strength. It is the same way with humans or at least it began that way. Of course humans tends to “sophisticate” everything and beauty was thought over and over in every fashion and detail. Society spawned contests for all kinds of visible qualities humans can spot and together grew this idea that the more good looking would deserve the best positions in live. I’m not against any kind of beauty but i think the physical on is overrated. In our society beauty tops intelligence. Beauty tops kindness. Beauty tops hard work. Beauty tops ethics. It’s amazing how strong is the power of sex appeal over human minds. How weak we can be when confronted with someone our eyes fancy. Sometimes it tops our own self esteem and we act like fools in front of beauty. The craziest of it all is that beauty is not something achievable. You either born with it or not. Of course you can take care of your looks but my point is that there’s no acknowledgeable quality that comes by merit when beauty is the subject and yet is so overrated. Beauty fades doesn’t it? How unfair is it to people that are not beautiful? How unfair is it to people that are beautiful? We always associate beauty with the person who owns is labeling them as well for the better or for the worst. I just think we are such an advanced society that learned centuries ago that beauty is not the major factor for healthy descendants so why it that so important? Why is that more important that the beauty within? Than real qualities as character? I just think it’s time to grow up!!!!