How fantastic it was the mind in Rembrandt’s age. In the age of the romantics. Images were something you should keep in you head and so music and mostly everything. So the images would chance and get different meanings through someone’s life. Nothing was absolute and all due to interpretation. After some time we humans found ways to represent everything that matters to us. Our predecessors may be dead but we can look to their images and movements and listen to their sound. We also created ways to save important information to use it afterwords by other people. With the digital age all of these different medias are merging into data used by very small a easy to buy and carry and use equipments. Now iphones can carry all our history if we choose to. Photos and music and text and drawings. All in there and easy to access and edit. This is a wonderful thing but it has its side effects. My grandfather remembered the phone numbers for all his important clients. I’m talking about a couple hundred phone numbers. I can’t remember more than half a dozen. Old cab drivers know the name of all the streets in my city and i don’t remember the name of the street five blocks from my home. There are many examples like this one and what it shows it that we are placing our memory in outside sources. Theoretically speaking it could be a good thing as we leave some space free for other stuff but in reality it’s not. Firstly because we start needing to rely in electrical equipment that are foreign to our minds and therefore it doesn’t collaborate with our mind’s processes. Secondly because our memory is shrinking. Every minute it gets harder to keep up with all the info inside our heads and all the time you realize you were saved by your calendar ou phone book or notebook. Basic things as adresses and phone numbers are already too much to our memory. With this lack of use our minds can shrink even more and i’m afraid in a while we won’t be able to lace our shoes and count money to pay the restaurant bill with no electronic assistants by out sides. My grandmother used to change my name for my older cousin’s name. I hope i don’t change her name for my aunt’s i in a couple years time.