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I can say i’m pretty happy being who i am and where i am and as i am. I don’t have even nearly half my dreams fulfilled and i still have a long way to go but i can say i don’t want to change my life for any other. Even so i can say there were a lot of things i would do differently if i had the knowledge i have today. I would avoid getting hurt so many times and i would enjoy my life much more taking less attention to things that are not importante. Anyway if i had to choose i would never go back. I truly believe all good and bad things that ever happened to me shaped this individual i am today and i am exactly where i want to be. Still dreaming about great projects, winning some and loosing some, just another guy on the crowd but aware of what i want and where i’m headed. Life is so complex we shouldn’t stop much time to think about it’s engines. As we are a bunch of different things our lives are a bunch of even more things. Each decision every part of ourself take along the way can change the path totally. A shorter step or a longer step and that car would hit you or not. Five minutes more to make that call and maybe a life of regret for a decision you took. One can get paranoid trying to master the right paths and choices and some are always undecided about the chosen path. Our bodies are making choices as well to survive on the conditions received and there are consequences to each choice. I can’t begin to think about the many lives i didn’t have by choosing this one i have now but i really don’t care much because i’m glad to have this one. So the important thing is: Are you happy with your choices and the path you took? Are you willing to take the chance of regretting not doing something you believe in? I believe a lot in intuition as the advice your hole existent being is giving you every time you need to choose a path. You can listen or not. As your body hurts when you get sick as a hint something is wrong intuition helps us when we need the most because deep down inside we all know where we are headed. So we should listen to our intuition and we should never neglect a call from our own self in order to live a life we can relate to and accept when we are older.


Today was one of those days, those everydays. So many things to do you fill the day will never end and now that it ended i can’t recall and great thing i did that will change something or someone. Don’t get me wrong, there are great days. Just that it’s not everyday. I made me think about a project i’m working on and it’s based on a TED ( from an artist that came up with a concept of carrier more interesting than usual. He says we work until we are sixty years old in general. Today people live more than eighty years so sixty sounds a little early to retire. We are talking about a thirty five years carrier which is very common. In his concept we should take a year off every seven years and retire with sixty five. By doing that we are able to think about our lives and our choices. I’m not talking about one year long vacation. I’m talking about time to plan and to project our next years. We can change paths if we feel necessary and we can recicle our hole life experience and start a new period refreshed and full of new ideas and energy. This time we need to live is getting to scarce and after a while we realize we just talk and think and create and feel things that belong to our work environment. I work with creativity and that means getting dry because there’s no time to live. We can only create from our live experiences. If we don’t live we have nothing to create. That concept works in any field and most importantly with any human being because this dryness don’t occur only in our professional lives. What a great concept: one can not be productive if he doesn’t have a life! It should be obvious but is not. Most like me are getting dry to the last drop trying to keep up with the madness around us. One year every seven seams so fair and so far at the same time. It’s hard to change but i should try. What about you guys?? Do you have time to live???

On sunday and i watched the Bolshoi “live in DH” in the movie theatre. Its really a great experience but i would prefer less camera moves. I would love to see it like in a real theatre with only one camera showing all the stage. Last year i had the chance to watch “La Cenerentola” in the same format.HD cameras are hooked everywhere on the theatre and all around the world we are able to see the same show people at the venue are enjoying. It was a great ballet and is really amazing how far a person can go with talent. In this blog i have a page with a documentary i’m working on right now. I lived one month with a group of classical musicians in a big classical music festival. The ballet made me remember those four weeks and a thing that is haunting me since i started the documentary. Looking at the dancers and remembering the musicians i couldn’t stop wondering about the main dancer in the role of “Giselle”. In this kind of live projection there’s always someone explaining a bit of what’s going on and the the woman kept telling that “The Bolshoi” was a factory of great dancers and any of those girls could be “Giselle” and that it was the dream role for any classical dancer. I saw the same happening before and it bothered me. I saw kids that lost their entire youth practicing just to be at the last place in the orchestra and i saw kids that did the same but they were shining in front of the maestro. I witnessed people being humiliated in search of advice from masters of the craft just because everything they had to offer was not good enough. I use to brag about my capacity of learning people very fast. Sometimes it only takes one look. It’s part of my job as a director and interviewer. A couple times in that month i really got frustrated. I supposed that to be the best of the best in arts specially music which is so delicate one must be very sensitive and enlightened to conjure these atributes and i can tell you it happened many times as i imagined. But these other times were hard on me. The first was this kid. She plays the violin. I heard one of those masters saying he would take her to france to teach her. That she was the most talented performer with the biggest “emotion” in music he ever had the chance to meet. I can tell you i interviewed her and she was a dry person that would resemble someone from the army and not from music. I could not understand. Then this happened a couple more times and i thought it was my fault. I was loosing the touch. Then i witnessed a scene. I was filming a piano class. The teacher was this french guy considered the best “Ravel interpreter” alive. I heard him before rehearsing Ravel’s piano concerto and it was really moving. I was very happy for the student, a poor boy from a little town who spent eight hours a day for the last twelve years practicing piano. His performance for me was wonderful. After the class started the teacher asked him to play the Ravel. As the student finished the music he said very gently: ” I’m sorry but in fifty years you will not be able to play. You should try to get a job” and the student started crying and everyone heard his sad story. Nobody applauded the french pianist in his performance that night because everyone got sad for the boy. I can swear that guy was really talented but he was not a good man at all. I could see no emotions he could share with others. Now my point is: Where does this gift come from? It’s it fair? Why one would spend his life believing in something and trying hard just to be seconded by another someone that not necessarily deserves it. Maybe gifts are something we should be able to recognize in our selves so we could decide to follow paths we are carved to follow. Maybe that is something very wrong with our learning system where one can spend an entire live not knowing what one is good at. The thing is: That path you choose not always choose you. That’s a fact hard to swallow for a boy and i felt sorry for him. And i’ll always feel that way. I can say i always tried very hard to better my self but i saw people trying less and doing better and of course also the other way around. Then i decided: Gifts are overrated !