I promised to write everyday and i’m doing it. I promised i would have things to tell everyday and i’m telling them here. Who am i writing it to? Is it any good? Why do i need a blog?? Feels right and at the end of the days you are exercising your mind to create. Or am i just stuffing information on the big system of the www and helping computers to me more relevant to our lives? That’s something we are doing everyday now. If you’re shopping you’re giving the system a profile of your shopping tastes. If you surf you’re giving google the info they need to better their search engine. The interesting thing is that you are doing if for free and google is profiting from it. When you write a blog you are producing material people will read and that will help other people to make money. So should i stop? In other hand it’s the first time in history  that we are also responsable for the stories told and we can interfere in the oficial history. People in google seams to know this and use it. They are smart. So i’ll keep blogging and reading blogs untill my brain melts but as they say we still use only around ten percent from our brain’s capacity so it will take a while for it to liquify. It’s funny i started a blog to put some ideas that i didn’t care to share but once they’re here i always remember i’m online. That’s a vice from the web era. Immediate Feedback!! Good blogging to you all.