Pleasure is achievable by doing something. Happiness not. Happiness is a state of mind. You can’t buy stuff to make you happy. If you eat chocolate that’s fulfilling your desires and giving you pleasure in it but not making you happy. That would sound obvious? So why do people seek happiness everywhere they can with all the energy they got? That’s because it’s not so obvious. Usually most people don’t get it. Pleasure is easy for anyone to understand. It’s a real as any object. Food,sex, music. You know how those things can make you feel. They can give you pleasure. But as it’s produced by an act it ends as the act stops. That’s a downside of pleasure. Other is the fact you will always need something to give you that pleasure. Now lets think about being happy. Happiness is something you choose. You have it or not. Your gotta generate it from the inside so it just depends on you. So again why some choose not to be happy? Why do people try so hard to be right all the time? To be the best all the time? To get frustrated all the time? Maybe humans get bored without challenges but there should be a common sense in how further will you go trying to find what is waiting for  you on the next corner. How many more corners will be enough to calm the desire and give room for happiness? How many cars, how many houses and clothes and power and diplomas and trophies and so on and on. I think we are seeking for acceptance. From Who? Our parents? I don’t really think our parents are that selfish enough to see us fighting so hard for something they don’t believe in and if they do believe in spending an unhappy life seeking for acceptance they were also misled by someone. It’s human nature to grow but it’s not human nature to suffer. These two sides of the coin should be balancing the way we deal with our fears and desires but is seams to me that some coins have two faces. So because of all this we forget to be happy sometimes. And it’s as easy as closing our eyes and wondering or looking to stuff around us and marveling over creation feeling the sun on our faces. When pleasure stops happiness can kick in and it lasts as long as you want!