In “Quincas Borba”, a book from Machado de assis, one of the greatest writers in all history there’s a wonderful passage about these two tribes. For a lont time they live side by side because there’s enough potatoes for everyone. Once the potatoes are not enough anymore they go to war for survival. After the war is over the tribe that lost it carries pain, fear, loss, sorrow,sadness. The tribe that won the war carries the potatoes! So? Well… In my lifetime i saw more richness in my wrongs than in my rights. I had the chance to receive great awards and i had the chance to receive the silence of disapproval also many times. I can say that receiving an award is great but empty. There’s nothing to it. You just receive it and drink a cocktail. Loosing one is a hole different story. It can motivate you to try harder or make you change directions. Putting things in perspective is what you do when you loose. It makes you wonder how wrong you were and if you do that you may  feel grief, you may cry, feel pain and sorrow. But that’s always more than just potatoes. It’s better to keep falling in love and suffering of broken heart than having it flat all the time. Who wants a flatline? Who wants the potatoes? I want to feel. That’s what makes me alive!