I was a catholic baby and i had the first communion. I really oppose the church these days not as an activist but in my own heart. The things done in the name of the lord are sometimes scary and after a while you begin to realize those are only humans and humans aren’t perfect. The catholic is not alone in this matter. Many religions suffer from the same  mundane imperfection. The jewish with their segregation, the muslins with their politics and wars, the evangelics with their ambition for money and the buddhist with their wierd logic. I know… Who am i to judge? But i’m actually not judging. Just trying to look at it with racional eyes. They all have something in common. They promisse to all their followers a god that will take care of them in this and other lives. In return they what money and power. If there’s another world after this one why they are so desperate do rule this one? I’m not even sure they believe in what they preach. So let me talk about what i can believe. I believe in god! That’s sure! To me god is exactly what Jesus told us. He is everything, he is me, he is you,he is everywhere. We are all his sons and daughters and we are all brothers and systers. as i keep saying that’s quantum physics. It means we are all made from the same and we are the same. Actually everything is. So what about soul? I surely believe in it too! But i’m not convinced on the individuality of the soul. To me soul is god. God is everything. That means when we die we go back to “everything” as we are part now in a human form. Out of this form we reconnect with all around us as we are one. Do with think? Do we feel? I don’t know but if people believed in what i believe they would take more care with things around them. Maybe we’ll be there someday. Maybe we’ll be shining inside a star. Maybe in other dimensions. Maybe in a spirit besides the creator just as the church said. I wouldn’t count on it but who knows. What i really don’t buy is the idea of reincarnation. We can see all around us and learn with the universe. When our body dies it goes many ways. Earth by decomposition , water by evaporation and fluids, air by gas. Only heat stops and looks like we need all those four elements to stay alive. We mix with many other elements creating other things. The same way we vibrate and that vibration finds it’s way to new forms. That’s already new ways of life. So with people tend to confuse their egos with their soul? People actually imagine that the thinking part of a human actually stays all in one piece. Better yet they imagine this ego comes back in new bodies to straighten the past. To evolute as a “Mind soul”. You need to have a big ego to think that way! I’m sure we come back! But diluted in many forms and ideas. We also come back in the things we help perpetuate in this life! If we do good and help good to prosper we will perpetuate our selves with it. That’s what i believe. I gotta ask the religious folks to forgive me. I think religion in theory is a great gift! But not the gift of salvation sold by other humans. The gift of faith. And faith my friends is stronger than anything. It performs miracles. That’s because when we ask something from god we are asking something from ourselves. God bless you!!