Yesterday i had the pleasure to start a test for my mew project. It’s an animated short film we nicknamed “oilmotion” Because is all hand painted in oil. It was a long test where i had the chance to talk with my friend and artist, Renato Blaschi. Typically we like to talk about art, comics, design, movies, literature. But Since he divorced two months ago it seams he has only one thing to talk about. He is in the “hate” fase and all his feelings are centered around low self-esteem, loss, lack of courage to keep moving, depression. After trying to talk him out of it he found a new listener in out assistant and i just listened trying not to judge. It happened to me before. It happened to everyone. That’s the sad part. To know all about it doesn’t “prepares for the fall”. I helped many friends before in these times and friends helped me. It’s amazing how the details are always exactly the same and always we feel our situation is different than everybody else’s. There should be laws applicable in matters of the heart. It’s amazing these days a woman can sue a guy for flirting with her and a couple can be sued for kissing in a public place but nobody have any obligation in the matters of the heart. If someone robs your wallet with one hundred bucks in it he can go to jail for it. If someone steals ten years you invested from your life into a relationship this someone can walk free with no question asked and you don’t have anyone to appeal. Nothing you can do about it. There is no justice in this territory. That’s why one should have rules for that sort of situation. A rule i have my self is to give no more than i have to give and demand the least what i need in return. If you don’t do this you will get out of a safe area to a place with no limits for damage. You can be sure you gave everything you had but many times everything is not enough. There’s no limit to enough. It’s like a game of poker where you can always loose more money just trying to get back what you already lost. As you can see i’m sounding like a walking cliché as my friend sounded yesterday. As anyone who is suffering from a broken heart!