Since i was a little child people used to tell me “men in power are secretive and their agendas are a mystery to ordinary people. Information is the power that will free the planet from all tyranny” and other stuff that sounds like these. We are now in a singular part in history where we can have access to all kinds of information we want of need. From Wikileaks to Indie Films like Zeitgeist the arquive of information available changed forever the idea of nations keeping secrets from the people. Even the identities of these men who call the shots are exposed on the web for anyone to see. With this new model some expected thing to change. I’m not sure i do believe in this kind of change. What i believe is that pointing at the “secretive men behing the curtain” was always a big fat excuse as pointing at drug dealers is an excuse. The problem with drugs is the consumption. The problem with the truth is: many don’t really care. They don’t want to think about it. “Knowledge will set you free” if you use it! It takes effort to learn, decide, act, stand. It really doesn’t matter if september 11 was staged. I think there’s lots of evidences pointing that way but nobody really interested on questioning it. Since there’s a lie to believe in, people tends do go the easy way. Always. That’s not new. Maybe not all informations were available decades ago but common sense always were. People witnessed things happening and did nothing about it. Or you think Hitler killed all those Jews and nobody heard of it? I see society as a pyramid of power. The base is affected by the next layer until you get to the top. In the top you have the men in power deciding for all the rest. That seams unfair but i’m not really buying it. To be on top means to be responsable for a lot of disgusting decisions. To be on the bottom means no responsibility at all. To be on top means to affect and to be on the botton means to be affected. Not many wants do lead. Not many wants the trouble. People just like to complain they are the “affected” but once they’re asked to take matter into their own hands they just don’t do it. Each step you climb in this pyramid you get more power but power have consequences. Hitler never wanted to spend his days relaxed drinking beer on a pub. So why the hell nobody left the pub and tried to oppose him. So the truth is out there. About a lot of stuff. If people starts volunteering now there will be more injustice than people. Even so the truth is here. Now we know. What are we gonna do about it? Maybe go to the beach on the weekend and chat about it. Maybe we’ll create jokes about it. But some will start to act and these will be the next “men in power”