As they say an object in only real because we see it i believe we only exist because we belong. We have many kinds of belongings in our life. We belong to someone, we belong somewhere in place and somewhere in time. If you take all this out you have nothing. Infinite Tabula Rasa. I know it’s very hard to imagine. Even if we turn the lights off and take away the sound we still have gravity. If we take that away we still have things. If we take things away there is time and space. So it’s really hard to imagine but still something one have to agree. We belong therefore we are. If that is true why do we have the need for independence? Why are we afraid to commit? Why do we get away from relations? Why the need to scape all this? Maybe we are so used to dialectics we need to oppose our natures. Maybe just to belong is to simplistic and as we know so well we need to belong we also have the knowledge we want to belong to the best possible. When animals knows they are about to die the run to their groups or families. They run to their homes and neighborhoods. They run to their past and their history. It’s the only thing that seams to matter in the end. Even if we deny it sometimes we end up craving to belong somewhere and belong to someone. So instead of thinking passion is the true love i learned that belonging to someone is to really love that someone in the most powerful way.