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This Holidays we are spending with my mother in law and we decided it would be about her. No fancy dinners and no big parties. Just us celebrating family. It’s five in the afternoon and soon will be Christmas eve. This uneventful holiday gives a lot of space for the mind to wonder. There are two old men playing sax and Clarinet in the corner just below my apartment. The street is really empty and they are playing for us and for the very few fast paced people running to get things ready for the eve. They are playing “I’m in heaven” now. I can’t help but remember when Christmas was huge. When i was young and it represented a big family meeting with many gifts, toys and food. That was pure joy. Now i realize that Christmas only exists when grandparents are alive. After that, families usually get apart. Inheritance issues, all sort of rivalries and lack of union is what i see around this Holiday. The only safe people are the dead ones. Those we can remember from the good times. The rest mostly doesn’t deserve the honor. Thanks god i’m very close to my parents, my syster and her beautiful family. They are my family together with my wife and my mother in law. Soon kids will come and there will be Christmas again. I just hope my family in this generation stands differently then others. I hope the new families that were born from our own doesn’t brake us apart. I hope to have a different kind of family where Christmas is a big family reunion with no regrets no matter what. We sometimes forget this holiday is about the birth of Jesus and as i recall this wish of mine have a lot to do with his ideas about us all being a big family. So in one hand i lost my big family reunion but in other i gained the hole Mankind and my brothers and sisters. Shame i didn’t realize that back in the old days but i hope soon my big fat merry family Christmas will come. For me the spirit of Christmas means hope. Hope for Goodness. Hope for Joy and family. The other hopes as money and miracle diets are reserved for New year’s eve. A guy just screamed from his window saying “enough with the music”! I hope those two old forks don’t get tired of playing. They may not realize but some are listening. Some still Hope. I hope for a Merry Christmas to you all!

I was just watching the new film from Copolla “Tetro”. I’m not sure i loved the story but i’m really sure i loved to see the work of this great master. It’s all there. Amazing how artists, and in this case i consider Coppola’s work as an “auteur” in this film and some others to be art, can leave so many stylistic and personal traces. There’s one thing all artists are for sure: Egocentric. Really not judging here. The thing is: to create you GOTTA take a trip and that is an ego trip. If you use your ears you listen. If you use your eyes you see. If you use your ego you create. As simple as that. Van Gogh didn’t care for money and that’s not because he was an altruist. His ego didn’t leave space to think about money and that’s a big characteristic of the artist. that could sound as a bad thing but maybe it was just bad for him and his family. For the generations after him that was a blessing. As they say you can make an omelet without breaking some eggs. You can’t go as far without being obsessive. Without being always certain you are right even when everyone thinks you are wrong. That demands a very big ego. That demands letting go of everything else and just following your “muse”. Well… the muse is the biggest synonymous for ego. To follow the muse is to follow the ego and to take a trip no matter that will harm yourself  you family and other. The only thing that matters is the art, the muse and the ego. So i can remember Fellini. A real artist with a really marked presence in everything he ever did. What does he do? He talks about him. His life and his vision about the world. All his for sure. The way he does it is like a fingerprint and that’s art. Anyone that follows this path will create art. But i didn’t say it will be good or bad art. That’s a hole different story.

Sometimes i wonder why most musics i have in my ipod are sung by women . I mean at least three quarters. I think the reason for this is the same as the one that makes me paint and photograph. My need to consume art in every form and to give it back with all forms of expression. There is a fascination for women in it’s spiritual essence. You can say it’s something about my mother. Maybe it is but we can discuss a little bit further. As for Us men i can say we are not very hot these days. Or ever. Women always used their power. Men are not smart enough to do that. We can start by the basics. Little girls learn they have to preserve their treasures for princes. Little boys learn that is their obligation to be always ready to please. Men don’t have “headaches” but women do. They decide when, where and how. They invented the first product display of the modern era. The high heels. They can have babies. Men can’t. But for some reason men dominated most of the important positions in this world since the beginning and i think that’s not just because man can be stronger. There was i time when being stronger would make the difference. But not today. Today the most important jobs and positions are occupied by the skills of the brain and less by the physical ones. I think the only reason men are not overwhelmed by women is because we are conceived and bred by women and motherhood is stronger than any other relation between humans. There is a clue. It’s part of the reason for my fascination in what makes women the way they are. The word unconditional has its roots on the feminine. Love has it’s roots on the feminine and women feeds love much more than men. They design passion. They welcome us into their bodies and even their orgasms are more intelligent than ours. I gotta say thanks god they’re our mother!!!