I got my self in this trap. Perhaps someone can help me figure this. I was watching an interview by Jacque Fresco and he was explaining his Venus Project. The guy is really intelligent but a bit Utopic with his society change project. One of his ideas got me thinking. He undertand that our language is old and ineffective. The only way for mankind to progress is to use a kind of language that does not permit interpretation. A language as exact as mathematics . I wonder if philosophy would be possible with a language like math. I kinda understand the idea behind it and i even agree with part of it. The law would be really more effective in there were no room for interpretation. When a team of people builds a bridge they don’t interpret things. If they do the bridge surely falls. They have to be exact. So far so good. But in my understanding you can’t have god in math. You can’t have the drive humans have to make them believe they are Singular. You can’t have emotions. So the thing is: Would man be better of not knowing interpretation? Distortion? Unfairness? Duality? Guilt? Things that are only possible when you think in a certain way that is out of exact science boundaries. Could man live with no love? No hate? It’s wierd but that’s a hard one to answer. Because maybe this idea sounds impossible to us just because we know no better. Because we were trained to be this way and if we were trained to be some other way we could do it and perhaps happiness and sadness would not exist and we would live with no concepts like these. Or maybe we would feel the same way because that’s what we are. Maybe we would find a way to be just as we are today. We would invent gods. We would invent pain and joy. We would invent love. Finally maybe we already invented all this and if so we molded our selves to be what we are. But in this case the result is just caused by a series of events and if we did it again the results would be different or we would always end up being exactly what we are now? Are we the creation or the creators? Are we Both?